Here are some of the things millions of Cameroonians may hear from the president’s speech tonight

As it is a tradition, the Head of State Paul Biya, addresses the Cameroonian nation every December 31.

This December 31, 2019, H. E Paul Biya, President of the Republic of Cameroon is addressing the nation. This during a balance sheet and

perspective speech. Assessment of the eventful year 2019, the prospect of the year 2020 full of hope. From a source well introduced to Etoudi,

Paul Biya, must return throughout his speech, on several subjects, notably political.

These are the first major resolutions taken in 2019 to resolve the English-speaking crisis. At the dawn of the Grand National Dialogue in

Yaoundé convened by the Lion, the participants decided on a special status for the north-west and south-west regions.

In his address, the Etoudi tenant must give more details to reassure the public. Still, on the political front, it must highlight on the municipal

and legislative elections in 2020.

Economic crisis.

It’s no secret that Cameroon, like other countries in the Cemac sub-region, is going through a hidden economic crisis. As the saying goes,

money is scarce in the country. CICAM, one of the country’s largest employers’ organization, has been sounding the alarm for almost four years.

The economic issue is therefore at the center of Paul Biya’s speech tonight. He must also better surf the future of the Francs Cfa, which

currently presides over the destiny of the economic and monetary community of Central Africa. The security challenge must also be

included. While we know that the northwest and southwest have been in a quagmire for three years, the Far North still faces the paralysis

of Boko Haram. In the east of the country, especially on the border with the Central African Republic, the security challenge is also


In all cases, the appointment is for this evening at 8 p.m. Recall that this is Paul Biya’s 37th speech since 1982.

By Subiru Madina