Relations between Samuel Eto’o and Patrick Mboma are not good. After being accused by Samuel Eto’o of attacking him, Mboma reacts.
On the airwaves ABK Radio, the former Cameroon striker gives his version. And he denies having made any attack against Samuel Eto’o. He says he always said what he thought of him well.
“I do not understand myself in the relationship I have with Samuel or rather the way he manages his relationship with me. It’s a person I find very generous. It’s someone I always said what I thought well. I do not remember attacking him publicly. And his post of the past week surprises me the more because it is based on a bad postulate.

I never said that Clarence Seedorf had a problem of experience. I said that I did not know that Clarence Seedorf knew Africa and specifically Cameroon. So it wasn’t to him that I said that at the time of the appointment. He called me he asked me what I thought and I answered him like that, “said Patrick Mboma. Citing his surprise after following Samuel Eto’o’s last week on TV, Patrick Mboma would really like to see the recording in which he mentioned Clarence Seedorf’s lack of experience in coaching the Indomitable Lions. “I wish someone could find me the moment when I said that Seedorf lacked experience. And anyway I’m not the Lions coach. This happened. I really did not understand why this attack. Because I call it an attack. But I remain quietly serene. There’s no problem. Tomorrow we will talk and we will be happy, “said Patrick Mboma.

By Subiru Madina