Two former indomitable lion attackers Patrick Mboma and Samuel Eto’o have engaged in a fight through the social media recently.

Sanuel Eto’o on Thursday through the media tackled his former teammate Patrick Mboma for his candidacy for the position of coach of the Cameroon Indomitable Lions. The following day Patrick Mboma responded to Eto’s comments.Eto and Boma

The two have resorted to settle their differences through the media. The former Catalan has not been gentle with his fellow compatriot Patrick Mboma as he openly expressed his disagreement with Patrick Mboma for putting forth his application for the coach of the indomitable lion. According to Eto’o he does not agree with Patrick Mboma on certain things.

“I reproached Patrick for a lot of things, including the way he does things (…) You can’t criticize a coach by saying that he doesn’t have enough experience to be a coach of the Cameroon national team and you, some time later, without experience, come and apply. There’s something wrong with it. Where is the point?”says Samuel Eto’o.


Upon hearing such, Patrick Mboma did not keep quiet as he technically responded to the statements of his former colleague, Et’o. On his twitter page Patrick Mboma wrote; “the dog barks, the caravan goes on.”

Eto’o on his part also twitted after reading from Mboma: “Apparently the caravan had a moment to make a comment. My advice remains valid”.

These are players that have been friendly with each others for years, but today the have engaged in a battle over opinions. Eto’o and Mboma played together and won trophies for the country. Their squad during their reigns was admired by Cameroonians as they made a wonderful combination for the lions.

They have won the African Nations cup together, and also won the best African player of the year in different occasion. Patrick Mboma retired from football some years back but Samuel Eto’o just did two months ago. It is clear that both players had developed interest in heading the national football team. Eto’o once said he would love to coach in Europe before returning to continue coaching in Africa.