Patricia Scotland: Mr President I regret to inform you that you have not well exploited our recommendations to resolve the problem and we have to assist you understand the choice of the Anglophone people.

We encourage you to accept the Swiss mediation to put an end to this crisis. Member countries of my organization and the Royalty are greatly concerned. We hold our principles to account for democracy and human rights dear to our members.

Suspending Cameroon’s membership is not a welcoming option, but we may consider the suggestions in the dozens of petitions we receive from other organizations concerned with the precarious situation. Mr President, it is worthwhile to have an urgent thought on not using force to keep this beautiful and resourceful country together.

The beautiful idea of uniting Cameroon has to consider the equality rights of every Cameroonian. We do believe you will consider our joint visit as important as our long-standing relationships with Cameroon.

During her last visit with the heads of the African Union and La Francophonie, Patricia Scotland says they are encouraging everybody to put peace ahead of Cameroon. Patricia Scotland also stands for the respect of human rights and good governance as elements needed for the restoration of peace in Cameroon.

Without leaving the efforts of the government to curb the situation appreciated, the Commonwealth Secretary General called on the Cameroon government to involve an inclusive dialogue “as a beginning for the process of peace in Cameroon”.

According to Patricia Scotland, “there is a lot of work to do in Cameroon for peace”. She made this statement at a time when the president of the Republic together with his government has introduced and promised several measures to be adopted to resolve the crisis in the North West and South West region of the country.