The COVID-19 outbreak has certainly affected counties like China and the United States. The United States has over 200,000 active cases of COVID-19 so far. That is paired with over 4000 deaths, making it more costly than 9/11 in terms of fatalities. Of course, China was the origin of the Coronavirus itself. Some experts think that the Chinese people were taking risks that created the pandemic. Now a worldwide epidemic is looming and many countries are at risk. Africa could be the next big target because of the poor populations today. Their low standard of living often breeds new diseases.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is a leader for many African countries. That group has vowed to keep an eye on things in Africa. The WHO has implemented a lot of health-related plans for Africa so far. That has helped to build up third world countries on the continent. The WHO is a responsible group and operates under the U.N. these days. That puts them in a good position to help the citizens of Africa. People are looking for a quick and speedy end to the pandemic. Things are bleak for many people, but there are helpful teams waiting to do their part with Africa.

Confirmed cases have now been totaled in 30 of the 54 countries. That is the majority of the African nations and people are concerned about that fact. Africa was the origin of the AIDS epidemic and people fear another reprisal in the future. That is why groups want to keep tabs on the number of confirmed cases in Africa. The United States is now home to more cases of the COVID-19 pandemic. But Africa could be the next host and that has many people worried. The Coronavirus is spreading quickly and there is no end in sight for the people who are concerned with that fact.

There are ways that everyday people can help with the process. They can provide info to health officials who care about the pandemic. They can donate funds to the support groups that work on the goals. COVID-19 is a major challenge, but one that could be met with speed resolutions. People are serious about controlling the new virus and that is a top priority for people. Groups like the WHO will lead the way for many people. The WHO is a group that can model a good response.