In Nigeria, a woman is accusing the artist of refusing to recognize the fatherhood of her daughter.
In a publication on her instagram wall, Juliet Oluchi Ehiemere says Flavor is the would be father of her three-year-old daughter. She insists on that and is willing to carry out a DNA test.

“I am Juliet Oluchi Ehiemere from Abia State. I am 33 years old. This post will let you know one or two things: judge me and insult me ​​or help me get justice for my daughter. I sincerely hope that you will do it.” She wrote in caption of a photo.

According to her message, below is the picture of her 3-year-old daughter, Stephanie Chidinma Chinedu Okoli, whom she had with Chinedu Okoli known as Flavor. “I met Flavor in 2015 and took care of him. Since then, I tried to contact him, but he ignored me. I am not a “gold digger”. All I want is for Flavor to take care of his daughter.

Juliet Oluchi Ehiemere

I have reported the case to the Lagos State Police, ” she said.
The publication indicates that if the DNA test shows that he is not the father, that she was ready to suffer the penalties. “If I choose this path, it must make everyone realize that I know what I am saying. The pain and the suffering are too heavy to bear and I am tired of keeping quiet. My daughter and I can not continue to suffer like that, “she says.