The University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), opened on Tuesday in Nsukka the first international conference on witchcraft. A two-day meeting for which the Nigeria Christian Association (NCA) strongly opposed.
The Nigerian University in Enugu State, organized a conference on witchcraft under the theme “Witchcraft, Meaning, Factors and Practices”.

This conference, which began on Tuesday, November 26, saw the participation of great intellectuals and personalities.
Professor B.I.C Ijomah was the main guest, along with David Ker, a former vice-chancellor of Benue State University. After the announcement of the conference, the main religions in Nigeria – Christianity and Islam – strongly opposed.

The organizers had to change the theme. But that did not prevent the holding of indignation outside the Princess Alexandra Auditorium, the venue of the meeting. At the beginning, the “Conference on Witchcraft” organizers ended up reformulating the theme to “Dimensions of Human Behavior”.
In a welcoming address, Professor Egodi Uchendu, Director of the Center, said: “We have been ignoring this witchcraft affair for too long, but it has persisted, even as people pray against witchcraft and the strategy of prayer alone is not enough to combat the difficulties of belief in witchcraft.”

Witchcraft is an occultic and metaphysical practice aimed at discovering the unknown. It is the art of questioning fate (chance, destiny), and by extension of modifying its course, by magical and divinatory practices.

Subiru Madina