A lady arrested While Going to Sell 4 Girls in Mali for Prostitution purpose.

The Nigerian police arrested a young woman responsible for a human trafficking network specialized in the trafficking of girls, on whom she imposed pimping. The 30-year-old suspect named Omowunmi Michael was

arrested at her place of residence by agents of the NSCDC, the Nigerian civil defense and security agency.

After her arrest, the young woman told the authorities that she usually exchanged young girls from her country, which she inserted into pimping networks in other African countries, in this case Mali, in exchange for

30,000 CFA francs per girl sold.

The trafficker was arrested at her residence by NSCDC agents on Wednesday, January 15, in the presence of four young girls whom she was preparing to sell in Mali. The victims narrowly rescued by NSCDC officials

were 18-year-old Victoria Oshioke, 22-year-old Aloaye Joy, Anuoluwapo Mustapha and 23-year-old Amaka Eze.

Originally a food seller, the trafficker admitted that she has been involved in the trafficking of young girls for two years and that the profits from this illegal activity allow her to support her boy, who is 7 years old. She

would have been initiated into this inhuman trade, in 2017, by a young woman. The latter would have promised her a better life if she agreed to work in Mali as a housekeeper.

It is not the first time that human trafficking networks for pimping purposes have been dismantled in Nigeria. In November 2019, the Lyon Criminal Court sentenced several members of a pimping network carrying out

their heinous crime in the southern region of Nigeria to prison. Some of the actors in this network claimed to be pastors. It is hoped that the arrest of Omowunmi Michael will expose her traffic network which, without a

doubt, has several other members who deserve as much as she is imprisoned.

By Subiru M.