The tragic landslide hit district in the city of Bafoussam which has claimed the lives of over 42 people has been a call for concern due to its Topography. Situated in the city of Bafoussam in the West region of Cameroon in the Bamboutos Mountain, Ngouache is inhabited by close to eight hundred Cameroonians which is quit unfavorable due to its landscape.

Ngouache is built on the foothills of the Banengo and Baneng hills and is covered by the Savannah vegetation just slightly 1500 meters above sea level. It is built on the stairs of the perimeters of Tamdja neighborhoods on the first floor of the sea level which explains why the environment is swampy and vulnerable to natural disasters as such.

The climate is constantly cool between 15 degrees and 22 degree centigrade but due to climate change, it now reaches up to 28 degree centigrade during the dry season that extends from mid November to mid march. This explains the presence of many farmers and livestock rearers in the area.

Landslides generally are movements of rock debris whereby soils are exposed to quick erosion thereby causing the strength from a mass rock to exert pressure on a lower level. The rainy season in Ngouche lasts eight months as opposed to 6 months in the tropical African countries and its location on the slope of the hills caused a quick erosion of the soil which explains the landslide which claimed the lives of many around that environment.

Once beaten twice shy is an adage used when circumstances reoccur as Ngouache had faced a similar landslide threat in the year 2015 with slight shakings which were ignored, another landslide threat was also felt in the year 2017 but was equally ignored and Tuesday October 29. The entire nation however sympathizes with those affected in the Ngouache locality.