The liver is the body’s primary filtration system, which converts toxins into waste products, cleanses the blood and also metabolizes nutrients which help provide the body with the important nutrients needed.

Given that the liver plays these very important roles, it is very necessary to make sure that your liver is in good health, and is functioning properly.

It is important to note that, everyday the human body is surrounded with pollution, chemicals in food that we eat and also environmental toxins which harm the human body both externally and internally, when these toxins get into the body, it reaches the liver, so it is important to detox your liver from time to time in order to get rid of these toxins and chemicals. RELATED: Health Tips For the Liver

How to know if you need to cleanse your liver;
  • Your skin gets irritated,
  • When you feel stressed
  • When you struggle with mood swings
  • When you’re craving for sugar increases
  • When you have digestive distress
  • When you have constant fatigue
  • When you experience regular joint pain
How to detox your liver;
1. Drink more water

Water is a very important liquid which helps the liver move toxins through its own cellular systems and speed them on their way out of your body. Another advisable thing to do is drink warm water. You can drink warm water when you just wake up from bed, some minutes before eating, and about 1 or 2 hours before going to bed.

2. Get enough rest

Not only the liver but the human system is threatened when you do not get enough rest. Sleep is a vital component of regulating metabolism as well as targeting brain and neurological toxins and moving them out of the liver, simply meaning that sleep is a natural way to detoxify your liver.

3. Exercise your self

A way to detox your self is by sweating and in order to sweat you need to do some things that make you sweat. When you are sleeping, the lymphatic system (body system) works alongside the liver to send toxins packing while also restoring cognitive, physical, and behavior functions which improved mood, focus, and endurance.

4. Eat liver friendly food

Another way to detox your liver is to eat food that is good for your livers health. Foods good for you livers health include, almonds, berries, beets, citrus fruits, green tea, legumes and pear etc.

Other ways to detox your liver
  • Coffee enemas
  • Milk thistle, dandelion and turmeric supplements
  • Drink vegetable juice
  • Avoid toxins food
  • Consume potassium rich food
  • Eat beef liver
To conclude it is good to note that, all the blood leaving the stomach and intestines passes through the liver.