5 Natural Simple Home Remedies for Cough

Coughing is your body’s natural way of responding when something irritates either your throat or airways and there are some simple home remedies for cough that can help.

Cough plays a very vital role in the body. That is, it helps in clearing irritants and infections from the body.

Coughing becomes a problem when it persists for long and it is best treated when you know the main cause.

You can easily get cough when you come in contact with some with the same problem. Also, when you are in a dusty area, it is very likely you can get the flu.

Before going to the doctor, there are some simple  home remedies for cough.

Here are some natural simple home remedies for cough

Honey tea

Honey is a very natural home remedy for cough.

A popular home remedy for coughs is mixing honey with warm water.

Both in children and adults, honey is very beneficial to treat cough.

You can either add it in hot water and drink or, mix 2 teaspoons or honey with lemon or any herbal tea.

Take this mixture two times a day and you will feel relieved.


Ginger is a very good home remedy for cough.

It is made up of anti-inflammatory properties which help to ease dry cough, relief nausea and asthmatic cough which is a great home remedy for cough.

When the Membranes air way is tensed, it can result to coughing. So ginger actually helps relaxes this airways and stop the coughing,

When you have cough, take some ginger and boil, or if you have ginger powder put it in hot water. Then add Honey or lime, it will help reduce and even stop the cough.

If you suffer from gastritis this might not be the best for you because ginger and lime causes heartburn.

Gargle Salt-water

Salt water gargling is very effective for wet cough. This is because it, reduces mucus found in the back of the throat causing the causing the cough to reduce.

In a cup of warm water, ad a teaspoon of salt and stir till it dissolves. Let it be at a temperature where you can gargle.

Gargle as many times as possible. Note that, children should not be allowed to gargle salt water because they can swallow it and it disturbs their stomachs.

Stay hydrated

Water is very important for anything health. Make water your friend.

Staying hydrated is very important for those with a cough or cold.

Drink warm water, it will help alleviate a cough, runny nose, and sneezing, thereby making you cough less. You will be able to feel relieved.

Staying hydrated, you can also make use of herbal teas, decaffeinated black tea and warm fruit juices.


Peppermint is another natural home remedy for cough. Menthol falls in the peppermint family.

You can either drink peppermint tea, or inhale peppermint vapor.

That is, add 8 drops of peppermint essential oil to a cup of boiled water. Wrap a towel over your head and take deep breaths directly above the water

Turmeric, Masala chai tea, Steam, Marshmallow root, Bromelain, Thyme are other natural ways to treat cough include.

To prevent yourself from cold;
  1. Avoiding contact with people who are sick
  2. Washing hands regularly
  3. Staying hydrated
  4. Reducing stress
  5. Getting enough sleep
  6. Take immune-boosting supplements