Living with nerve pain can be a long-term problem to many people. To begin with, Neuropathic pain (nerve pain) comes from nerve damage. Most commonly, this is caused by medical conditions such as diabetes, side effects from drugs or chemotherapy, wrong posture or injuries. Damaged nerves kind of send pain signals when there is no cause for pain. Symptoms of you having a damaged nerve can include pain, numbness, and weakness.

There are a variety of ways a person can relieve the pain of a pinched nerve at home.

1. Get extra sleep and rest

One thing that can cause nerve pain is stress, lack of sleep and rest. When you have nerve pain it is important to get enough sleep and rest. This is because, getting good sleep helps heal the nerve, and the body actually repairs it self during sleep. In many cases, resting the affected area and getting extra sleep is enough to allow the pinched nerve to heal on its own.

2. Change of posture

Another thing that can cause nerve pain is your sitting position. If you realize you have pains when you sit in a particular position, it is important and advisable to change that position. This is because, sitting or standing with an incorrect posture for extended periods puts unnecessary stress on the body, which may damage the spine and muscles, leading to a pinched nerve.

3. Massage the affected spot

Another simple home remedy to nerve pain is massage. All you need to do is simply apply gentle pressure around the affected area which will help relieve the tension on that particular spot.

4. Take a warm bath

A warm bath actually works magic on the body and also helps to ease blood flow. All you need to do is get a warm bath. Let the water be warm, not hot. If possible sleep in this warm bathtub for some minutes. It will help ease the nerve pains.

5. Take Vitamins

Some cases of peripheral neuropathy (nerve pain) are related to vitamin deficiencies. Vitamin B is essential for your nerve’s health. A deficiency in vitamins can actually lead to significant nerve damage.

Some signs and symptoms of a pinched nerve (nerve pain) include:

  • Symptoms may also be worse while lying down or just after waking up.
  • muscle weakness
  • Sharp burn
  • Numbness
  • Sharp pain