American rapper Cardi B is thinking of applying for Nigerian nationality.

This weekend, the famous American rapper Cardi B announced on Twitter to want to apply for Nigerian nationality. The author of the hit “I like It” intends to protest against the foreign policy of US President Donald Trump.

An announcement that leaves one perplexed.

Cardi B has been very critical of Donald Trump for over a year. On social networks, the star strangles the American president, especially for his migration policy. Unsurprisingly, the singer supports the removal

procedure underway before the Senate in Wahsington.

Since a recent tour in Nigeria, Cardi B multiplies the declarations of love for the West African area. At the beginning of December 2019, the singer received a warm welcome during a concert in Lagos. Since then, she

has participated in charitable actions with orphans. Cardi B even calls herself “Chioma”, a name from the Igbo language. Which is also that of Davido’s fiancée, the pop star of Naija Music.

In her tweets from last weekend, Cardi B also published photos of her in traditional dress as if to support her statements. Statements taken very seriously in Abuja: the commission in charge of the diaspora ensures

that the doors of the country are open to her.

“At the beginning when I saw this on Twitter, I had the impression that it was a joke,” said Abdur-Rahman Adekunle Balogun, an official of this commission. At first it was surprising, but then we saw that Cardi B was

serious. So, I must say that the government of Nigeria agrees. We are ready to accept her request if it is filed.”

He believes that “this is good development” and “very good publicity” for his country. “It shows that Nigeria attracts black people from the diaspora. It kind of fulfills Nigeria’s dream of becoming an attractive country,

attracting foreign investment, attracting more people to come and contribute to our economy.” This case is indeed a boom for Nigeria, which suffers from a very bad image on the international scene.

By Subiru M.