Mozambique's main opposition


Mozambique’s main opposition calling for a cancellation of Presidential election

Mozambique’s main opposition party is accusing the government of violating a recent peace agreement citing violence and fraud.

The Mozambique’s national resistance front (renamo) says the ruling Mozambique front (frelimo) has violated the cessation of hostilities agreement which has it that violence and intimidation shouldn’t be used in the pursuit of political objectives.

Mozambicans exercised their constitutional rights in Tuesdays elections under tense climate following violence campaigns.

An atmosphere which a European Union observer mission said the election was marred by an uneven play field.
A claim which the spokesman for the frelimo has tagged”unfounded” adding that elections went on smoothly.

The polls indicate that president Filipe Nyushi is leading by over 70% while his opponent of the renamo party is with about 25%of the votes.

Local mission observers are reporting that over 10 people have been killed so far in electoral violence.