Carmen Sama, DJ Arafat’s wife, unveils the house offered by Hamed Bakayoko to her daughter Rafna.

Very close to the late artist Ange Didier Houon aka DJ Arafat, Minister Hamed BakayokoMinister Hamed Bakayoko

is today great support for the artist’s family who died on Monday, August 11th following a motorcycle accident.
After playing a significant role in the success of his “son’s” funeral DJ Arafat, the Minister remained close to his family including the widow, Carmen to support her.
These gestures of father led by the Minister Hamed Bakayoko did not go unnoticed. In any case, Carmen Sama, wife of DJ Arafat will not forget them.


Through a message she made to the minister via her Instagram page, the young lady shows her appreciation.
Message from Carmen Sama to Hamed Bakayoko
“Darling papa, foster father of my Angel Didier, thank you for supporting me during this moment, thank you for loving my late husband as your own blood, thank you for being the grandfather of my children, thank you for the house that you offered to Rafna and i, you are a wonderful person, full of goodness. May ALLAH give you long life, I would be infinitely grateful to your father.”