In twenty-four hours, Boko Haram attacked three villages in the Mayo Sava division. The record of these carefully prepared incursions is 07 dead and four wounded. The most recent attack occurred on the night of 2nd to 3th December 2019 in Zangola village, located in Kolofata Canton. Coming in large numbers, armed assailants killed three people and injured another. They also looted houses and took away a significant amount of food and clothing from the villagers. Helpless before the terrorists, the people had only their eyes to cry. They saw the terrorists leave without being worried. It was after finishing their dirty work and leaving the village that the army arrived and tried unsuccessfully to get on their heels.

Similar situation lived by the people of Kochtrehe located not far from Kourgui in the Mora District. On the night of 1st to 2nd December, they were attacked by a group of Boko Haram fighters. Arrived around 10:40 Pm, the insurgents took control of the village. They went to a place where there was a funeral as several people gathered. “As soon as they arrived abruptly, they started shooting at the crowd. It was total rout, save yourself. People ran in all directions.

Despite the maternal love that characterizes them, many women fled without being able to take their children with them. The funeral turned into a theater of war that ended in carnage,” recounts a witness, a resident of the Kochtrehe village. The attack left four dead and three wounded. The dead are André Boukar, Etienne Devago, Nevada Marck and Warda Tchango. As for the wounded, they are named Koumra Yakouba Geremi and Abdou Leke.

The incursion occurred two weeks after that in the Kourgui village. In the aftermath of the attack, the authorities announced special security measures in the area to counter any attempt by Boko Haram to raid. Today, people realize that these measures which have remained only in speech, which they do not have to protect themselves against the aggression of Boko Haram.
Note that the same night of December 1st to 2nd, Yegoua village was also visited by jihadists. Here, no loss in human life has been recorded but the material damage is enormous. 11 houses were ransacked, food and clothing were taken away.

By Subiru Madina