professor Maurice Kamto has insisted that he won the October 7 elections.
Speaking on Equinox Television this Sunday on La Verite en Face the legalist told Cameroonians that he rightfully won the elections going by figures he had from the field leading him to make that famous statement that he has scored the goal and asking for a peaceful transition from the regime in place.
The national chairman of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party insists that he will only congratulate mr Biya if the votes are recounted and it proves that he really won the elections.
The constitutional Council declared Paul Biya and the CPDM party winner of the 2018 elections.
Hundreds of CRM militants have been jailed including the chairman for post electoral protests with most of them released from prison following a presidential order a few months ago.
He also criticise the administration in place for banning all their peaceful demonstrations adding that a political party can’t go about her activities and achieve their objective if they don’t have a place and or time to hold their meetings.
The party has in over the past months seen her declarations for a public gathering refused by Divisional and Senior Divisional Officers citing reasons of public disorder.

By John Paul