Akawung Franka an undergraduate law student at the university of Buea SW Region of Cameroon was stabbed to death by her boyfriend Tonji Alain a barber who had sponsored her from lower sixth till she got into to the university .Akawung Franka was an undergraduate Law student in the university of Buea . she was stabbed to death by her boyfriend because he found out he had a relationship with another guy. Franka had at some point even aborted Alain’s and they had plans of taking it to the next level .According to our source , Alain found out his longtime girlfriend Franka had been cheating on him with another man who was better off than him and also that she had plans of marrying the other man .In his outrage , he confronted her at home it’s at that point that he stabbed her the proceeded to stab himself too . Franka didn’t make.

May her soul Rest In Peace
Alain is the hospital fighting for his life