The countdown to the legislative and municipal elections has started. Only 48 hours in fact before Cameroonian voters go to the polls to elect their deputies and municipal councilors. As the deadline approaches, the Minister of Territorial Administration, Atanga Nji, indicates in a note, the restrictive measures imposed on people and their property .

The decree made public this Thursday is divided into two chapters. The first, on the general provisions specifies in its article 1, paragraph 2, that the measures relate in particular to “the freedom of movement of persons and goods, the exercise of gainful activities, the freedom of games and the safeguard of freedom and the secrecy of the vote ”. 

In the second chapter relating to the freedom of movement of people and goods, article 2 stipulates that “National borders are closed 48 hours before polling day. They are reopened the day after the polls close. Also, continues the decree, the movement of people and goods by road, rail or air, is prohibited from February 8, 2020 from midnight to February 9, 2020 at 6 pm ”.

With regard to the ban on the movement of people and goods by road, rail or air, Minister Atanga Nji recalls that it does not apply “to people and goods circulating in an urban area or in the same locality located in rural areas as well as motor vehicles of the defense and security forces; ambulance drivers with a special pass; aircraft whose entry into service is linked to the functioning of the security forces, a medical evacuation or operations to transport electoral materials; airplanes on international flights; members and delegates of ELECAM (electoral body), as well as duly accredited observers and journalists ”.

“Profitable activities and the practice of games are prohibited on election day ,  said the order. These include drinking places, shops, boutiques, game rooms, markets, industrial activities, etc. The text gives the power to the administrative authority, when the need arises, to prohibit any activity likely to disrupt the smooth running of the vote.

Finally, gatherings, clamors and demonstrations are prohibited in front of the polling stations on polling day, further informs the decree which the governors, prefects and sub-prefects are responsible for implementing.

Source: Actu Cameroun