Law suit: “A pastor accuses his wife of witchcraft and asks for divorce”

During a hearing at the Court of First Instance of Yaoundé on November 27, 2019, Camile filed an application for divorce before the court.

According to information received, he blames Pauline, his wife, of practicing witchcraft, mismanagement of financial resources and instability in the home.

The case already debated in the court was postponed until 22 January 2020 on the grounds that the decision awaited by the spouses has not yet been drafted.

The complainant did not miss the opportunity to express his dissatisfaction with the dismissal which, in his opinion, influences his Christian commitments.

“I did not want to start a new year knowing that this woman is still my wife. My sins will not be forgiven. This new year should be for me a new page that opens, without demonic spirits.

Postponing this case to January is like condemning me to live another year in hell,” said the pastor. On her part, Pauline sees her hopes of reconciliation taking another step.

She maintained that since the last hearing, Camile has organized family gatherings in order to ease tensions between them.

For her, it was a sign of reconciliation. “He has been behaving well with me for the last two weeks, though.

I thought that God had finally touched his heart and that he was going to tell you today that he is giving up the divorce,” she lamented.

After six years of marriage and three children, the prelate now fears for his life. He argues that his wife has signed a satanic pact with her late husband, and is about to eliminate him as she did with her previous lovers.