Over 24 people are reported dead in a landslide in eastern Kenya some 350 kilometers North West of the capital Nairobi  with heavy rains said to have been the cause of this natural disaster as residents of West Pokot  woke up to this sad news.

West Pokot County Commissioner Apollo Okello confirmed on Saturday  that 12 bodies have been recovered, and a search for more is going on but they are facing a major challenge with the heavy rains but that notwithstanding they are doing their best. He also added that 2 children were pulled out alive from the wreckage of their mud covered homes and immediately rushed to the hospital.

Rescue efforts are said to be delayed as roads have been blocked and bridges  reportedly swept away by the torrential rainfall which has caused a lot of destruction. Police officers on the scene say the death toll could rise as they continue to dig through the mud and in the process also recover people who are said to be missing.

The extreme weather is blamed on the Indian Ocean Dipole — a climate system defined by the difference in sea surface temperature between western and eastern areas of the ocean.

The ocean off East Africa is currently far warmer than usual, resulting in higher evaporation — something that brings large amounts of precipitation to the continent.

John Paul Sama