Kenya: A young student creates Bluetooth Chat that works without the internet to compete with Whatsapp.

Today, instant messaging services are an integral part of our daily habits. On the continent, messaging services such as WhatsApp or

Viber is popular.

WhatsApp is probably the most popular of all, on the continent, the messaging service is used to chat, share information

or do business. Many Africans can no longer do without WhatsApp. The only problem with the app is that you have to buy internet data to

use it.

A young Kenyan student found the solution to this problem. Rogers Wambua is a young student from Masinde Muliro University of Science

and Technology in Kenya. The young man is a real fan of everything related to technology.

Wambua on the crossroad of Google.

Like many young people of his age, Rogers uses instant messaging services a lot in his daily life. It was then that he had the idea of ​​

developing his own instant messaging application called Bluetooth Chat.

The said application is a marvel because it can work without an internet connection.

Thanks to Bluetooth Chat, Rogers allowed his fellow university students to chat with each other without using an internet connection. “My

comrades started by saving their pocket money which they used to pay for connection to write to each other. They spend it on books and

food,” said Rogers Wambua.

The young inventor indicated that his application can be used within a radius of 100 meters. Rogers aims to strengthen the functionality of

Bluetooth Chat by extending the communication distance. Thus, users will be able to communicate with their loved ones located in remote


American Silicon Valley companies have already approached Rogers Wambua for future collaborations.

Google and the Kenyan are already collaborating together.

It should be noted that the student took care to patent his application. “I am currently receiving some money from Google Ads. I will

develop the application better and have more gain” says the young man who can count on the support of resource persons to strengthen

the capabilities of Bluetooth Chat with the aim of integrating it into the Google Playstore.

By Subiru Madina