Pastor kills wife and himself in church over leadership.

Eyewitnesses say that the assistant pastor of Ground for God’s Gospel Church in Mombasa, Kenya, Elijah Misiko, took his own life after murdering his wife over their leadership positions in the church.

Misiko approached his wife’s pew during Sunday’s service, stabbing her twice. The pastor then stabbed himself and slit his throat with the same knife, dying immediately. His wife, Ann Mughoi, died shortly after in


Mombasa sub-county police commander Julius Kiragu highlights that “He walked up to his wife while the church was praying as if he wanted to whisper something to her. Then he took one of the knives and stabbed

her [wife] two times. He believed she was dead. He then stabbed himself three times in the stomach and slit his throat. ”

The pastor left a 17-page suicide note explaining that he killed his wife over church relations on the fact that she had allegedly gave herself full ownership of the church.

According to police, Misiko was arrested in 2017 after Mughoi claimed that he was plotting to kill her. Authorities released Misiko after proving her claims to be false.

CNN says the pair had been separated at the time over leadership and church ownership disagreements. His wife, Mughoi, was a senior pastor in the church where Misiko was an assistant pastor. The two started

Ground for God’s Gospel Ministry together but had been arguing over church ownership since 2017.

John Paul Sama