Kanye West and Wife Kim Kardashian Worshiped at Lakewood Church in Houston Texas with Pastor Joel Osteen

Kanye West and wife Kim Kardashian West worshiped at the Lakewood church in Houston Texas on Sunday November 17 2019. The Lakewood church which is one of the biggest church in the United States and can sit over sixty thousand people headed by Pastor Joel Osteen, received Kanye West who preached and also spoke about his new found love for Christ and his new album Jesus is King.

Kanye West has a choir who move from church to church and sing. This Sunday he came to Joel Osteen’s church and people did not like it because they think that Joel Osteen is a scammer and a corn artist.

People’s hatred for Joel Osteen worsen due to his slow response to open his church door during the hurricane Harvey that happened in Texas in 2017. So Kanye west going to Joel Osteen’s church was seen by many people as business. While Kanye West is promoting his new album, Joel Osteen’s church is getting bigger crowd.

Kanye West spoke about his new found love for Christ- how God was there for him in his lowest point, his family, and his arrogance and how he plans to transform his cockiness in service of the Lord. He also cited that ‘’the greatest artist that God has ever created is now working for him’’.

Kanye West appreciate everyone who attended

As he was speaking, the crowd was cheering and screaming which made him rebuke it that it distracts him when he is talking so he asked the crowd to remain silent. ‘’I go unto this strings of consciousness when am talking and when you…when you’re speaking in the middle of it, it distracts me. ‘’’I appreciate your support but I will like for everybody to be completely silent so I can let God flow through me as I speak to you guys today’’.

After the church service was a concert at night perform by Kanye West.Though the tickets were free, they were very limited and not everyone got the chance to attend the Kanye West concert which started three hours late.