The Minister delegate at the Ministry of Justice  reveals his salary

This is almost the first scoop of the thundering Minister Delegate Jean de Dieu Momo, for the year 2020. On Friday, January 3, 2020, the politician is the guest of “Decryptage”. An interview program aired on Vision 4,

the television channel run by Amougou Belinga.

Responding to journalist Ernest Obama, Minister Momo confides in ministerial office.

At the outset, he returned to the circumstances of his appointment as minister a year ago. “I am in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This is to oversee the presidential election. I am called by the Director of

Cabinet of the Presidency who asks me to send my CV. What I do. Then I come back to Cameroon on January 2, 2019. As soon as I arrive, I am asked to come to Yaoundé to meet the Minister Secretary General of

the Presidency, Mr. Ngoh Ngoh. He receives me, tells me that the President wants to thank me, but that he does not yet know the nature of the thanks. “Confides the latter very happy.

Sovereignty Fund

Further on, he provides the other details. “I was already at Afrique Média to prepare a program. I’m following the appointment of a prime minister at 5 p.m. At the Tsinga crossroads, while waiting for a taxi, I listen to

the names of the ministers that are being read on the radio from a bar. I approach this bar and I hear my name. Immediately, I take a taxi in the race to reach my hotel in Mendong. I pay the taxi fair for two other

people who are going in my direction ”. Relates the Minister.

True to his logic, he tells Obama what he earns as a Minister delegate’s salary. “My salary is 900,000 FCFA. But you imagine that a minister cannot live only on that amount. So, besides that, there is a sovereignty

fund of 10 million FCFA every three months, which is dedicated to the unexpected. ”A logical continuation for the politician who already in 2019, declares his goods on his Facebook account.

By Subiru M.