Ivory Coast pastor who predicted death of Samuel Eto’o apologize.

Pastor Who Said Samuel Eto’o Will Die by August 4th Has Done The Unthinkable Yet Again.

After predicting the death of the former Cameroon captain, Ivorian pastor Imela Joshua publicly apologized. However, the pastor did not indicate whether or not Samuel Etoo will experience a “Arafat-like” tragic disappearance.

“Shalom to all brothers and sisters who follow me on my Facebook page moderator Christ imela joshua”, he started “My last post on July 6 got a lot of reactions. The prophecy concerning the footballer Samuel Etoo fils. Some of my siblings have been injured and shocked; far from me the idea of ​​causing such a stir in you “, continued the man of God.

“I apologize to all concerned. I commend myself to your humble prayers and I continue to pray for all of you. Fraternally your. God bless you abundantly and keep you “, did he declare.

Note that this statement follows the reaction of the former Cameroonian international, Samuel Etoo who had severely tackled the man of God.

“Let us pray for Samuel Etoo Fils. I see an early departure type Arafat. Amos 3: 7 God does nothing without revealing it to the prophets ”, had revealed the pastor. But that was without taking into account the response of Samuel Etoo which will overwhelm the pastor even more.

“To have visions on the death of a person, you are champions. But to see that the world was to undergo an unprecedented health crisis, we saw no one. I’ll spend a day… Adrenaline ”, that’s kind of well said.

Only, even if he apologized, the pastor did not retract his words. It remains to be seen whether or not he maintains that Samuel Etoo know a tragic end, “Arafat type”.