The artist is a legend in Ivory Coast. He is well known and is well respected for the work he has been doing for decades. As such, he can give advice to brothers of the younger generation especially if they are quite open.

This is what he claims to have tried in vain when it comes to the famous artist DJ Arafat. The latter has continued to multiply his buzz videos on social networks.

The creator of the Zoblazo considers having sought to meet Ange Didier without success.

“All in society, are all responsible for the death of this boy,” Meiway said. He blames everyone openly: “We watched live, the death of this boy on social media, it was shocking. We knew that there were flaws, I could

have played this role of father, but alas. But I have the merit of having tried. We are all responsible for this mess. All those who “liked his buzz and his escapades are also responsible”. The responsibility seems to be

more shared as we think.

“Arafat is a special person. He always wanted to be his own boss. And when he saw in front of him an authority above him, he threw away that authority. This was the case with me, whom he always considered as a

father. Many times I tried to meet him, but he always avoided me. He told me every time when I called him, ‘Yes, old father, I’ll call you back. I’ll send you a message, but he never did.

Meiway adds that, DJ Arafat did everything possible to avoid him so as not to face strong warnings. “Even when I leave him a message, he does not answer. Because he knew that I would have quarrelled him on a

number of things and tell him stop Junior man. I still tried to meet him. There are others who had the opportunity to do it, they never did. So that’s the mess in Arafat’s death. We are all responsible, “confessed Meiway,

whose real name is Désiré Frédéric Ehui.