Guillaume Soro calls the brutality and repression of innocent citizens unacceptable

Guillaume Soro writes
“Dear all,
The day of December 23, 2019 will remain in my memory a very sad and painful memory.
The brutality of the repression which fell on the adherents of GPS and all political parties and close political movements as well as innocent citizens is unacceptable.
The instances of GPS, political parties and movements must step up.
Before going further in my remarks, I address my encouragement to the innocent and collaborators who have been arrested: their only crime, welcoming the declared Presidential candidate in October 2020.
Already in September 2019 following revelations from a poll that established my lead in the event of the presidential election, the decision had been made to withdraw from the race. In reality, all this delay is the result of Mr. Ouattara’s decision to make a third term. And would claim support from France. However, we will not accept it.
To return to the ghastly day of December 23, 2019, It should be noted that we wanted our return to homeland to be done in strict compliance with the laws.
The landing authorization had been duly obtained. Nothing therefore stood in the way of this trip by the citizen-candidate declared for the presidential election.
The management of GPS had imagined the following scenarios:
– 1- The return is supervised by the police (the best scenario).
– 2- Upon landing a convocation of justice is notified.
– 3- The arrest is made at the foot of the plane.
All this for the offense of being a presidential candidate in October 2020.
9am takeoff from Le Bourget towards Abidjan. We are getting higher and cut off from everything.
About two hours from Abidjan, and in the skies of Niger, the distraught captain burst into our cabin.
“Mr. Soro, we just received a serious security alert at Abidjan airport, our plane could be the target of an assault.”
I can not believe what I’m hearing. What is going on? To stop me you don’t need an assault. Me Affoussy Bamba Lamine is there for the formalities.
The captain, still on edge, told me: “Mr. Soro, we can no longer go to Paris. We absolutely have to land either in Niamey or in Accra. There are no other options.” I ask him some time to think.
The captain returns, panicking more than ever. It seems that the assault would be confirmed. And he decides to start an emergency landing at Accra Airport.
So here we are on the African land of Ghana. The decision is now made; we will disembark on Accra to continue our journey if necessary. The captain would be very happy to land there, these passengers become very bulky.
I ask him to contact the Ghanaian authorities for our landing. Niet!
The African land of Ghana from Nkrumah is prohibited to us at the request of President Ouattara. After hours of talks that we could not enter the city of Accra, only European countries accept our landing. O Africa my Africa.
We are taking off! I’m wondering! Are we enemies because of politics? I have never been told that my homeland was forbidden to me.
The package after the crime, in the last hours I learn that I am the subject of an international arrest warrant.
Who would have thought it possible of the providential man from the IMF, Me the last.
And it’s good for my face.
Dear all, let’s get up. I told you that our fight for reconciliation with the rule of law and democracy would be perilous. Others will go to jail, others will be killed. But even if we stay ten we will continue the fight for justice and democracy.”
Taken from Guillaume Soro’s Facebook page

By Subiru Madina