Minister Sidi Toure, spokesman of the government, announced that within the framework of equality between men and women, a child can now bear the name of his father and his mother, this comes in after the council of ministers held their meeting on Wednesday 27 November in Katiola, in the northern part of Côte d’Ivoire.

The bill project is part of the reform of the usual codes, made necessary by the evolution of the Ivorian society and the imperative of the adaptation of the national legislation to the international standards, in particular with regard to equality between men and women. This arrangement now allows, on the basis of the principle of equality between men and women, the mother to have her name added to that of the father, so that the child, coming as well from legitimate kinship as from natural family tie, can bear a double name, said Mr. Touré pointing out that “the name change procedure, which allows people with different names to bear the name of their parents, in order to standardize the names in the same family, becomes perennial by the effect of this bill »

The second bill, adopted in the same vein, introduces important innovations in the legislative rules that govern the lives of individuals and families. The Minister of Communication, government’s spokesman has provided a precise definition of the home, which he distinguishes from the residence, and sets the conditions for the change of residence. Also, it imposes on any physical person an obligation of declaration of residence in the Town hall or the Divisional office where the chosen residence is located. This should be done within six (06) months of non installation.

Subiru Madina