A simple definition is, Vegetables are parts of plants that are consumed by humans or other animals as food such as a cabbage, potato, turnip, or bean. In the world today there are many varieties of vegetables consumed in to different ways by human most especially. That is to say, some human prefer eaten their vegetables raw, while others prefer cooking their vegetables before eating them.

According to some people raw vegetable is healthy and more nutritious than cooked vegetables while for others it is vice versa. In this article we will be talking about the health benefits of these two and you will evaluate which one is best for you.

Is Raw Food Healthier Than Cooked Food?

To begin, the body breaks down and absorbs nutrients from raw vegetables and cooked vegetables in different ways. In this light it is important t note that, raw vegetables have a different nutrient quantity and quality as well as cooked vegetables has a different nutrient quantity and quality.

1. Water-soluble Vitamins and Nutrients

Water soluble vitamins and nutrients are important for the body and this includes Vitamins B and C. these nutrients are mostly found in raw vegetables but when you cook the vegetables the heat damages these nutrients. That ism the higher the heat the higher the nutrients drop.

2. Broccoli

Broccoli is a vegetable used by many in their meals. This particular vegetable has a lot of nutrients and if you want to benefit from the nutrients that come with it, then it is preferable to eat it raw. When you cook broccoli, the nutritional value decreases significantly. None the less, broccoli contains some nutrients that might not be good for some people. This vegetable contains Goitrogens and when eaten raw it can cause gas, bloating and also affect thyroid infected people. When you know you are capable of having these side effects, it is then preferable to cook your broccoli.

3. Carrots

According to some research, some doctors and nutritionist prefer eating cooked carrots to raw carrots. Carrots contain Beta Carotene which is good for the body’s health. When you cook carrots, enough beta carotene is being released and is converted to Vitamin A; this vitamin A helps the body by supporting the immune system to remain healthy and also aids the Mucus Membranes.

4. Onion

Onions contain sulfur compounds which are necessary for the production of protein synthesis and glutathione. Also, they contain B vitamins which aid in supporting metabolism and contribute to the body’s ability to produce energy. In order to benefit from these advantages, it is more advisable to eat onions raw.

5. Mushroom

It is advisable to eat cooked mushrooms because it is when it is cooked that you can have all the nutrients available in it. That is, mushrooms contain potassium, niacin, zinc, and magnesium and these nutrients become more bioavailable when you cook this vegetable