The eggplant, also known as, garden egg, aubergine, and melongene usually has an egg-like shape and a colorful green, red and white color. Eggplant is known as a vegetable having a unique range of health benefits, including an ability to help build strong bones and prevent osteoporosis, reduce the symptoms of anemia, and increase cognition. This fruit contains great vitamins like vitamin B1, potassium, folate, manganese, magnesium, copper, vitamin b6 and other nutrients.

Like the case of every other fruit, the nutritional benefits of this fruit to the human diet cannot be overemphasized. In fact, it holds a host of benefits to the human body’s overall health and well-being. Related: Health benefits of eating eggplant

Incredible Health Benefits egg plants

  1. Aids in weight loose; Nutritionists recommend it as a perfect food option for those interested in losing weight because of its high fiber content. It fills up the tummy quickly, and this subsequently reduces consumption of other high calories options. When it comes to weight loss, the green garden eggs work’s better. Equally, garden eggs is a great dietary option for diabetic patients because of its ability to reduce glucose absorption in the body and lower blood sugar levels. It also possesses low soluble carbohydrates, which assist in this regard.
  2. Garden egg aids digestion: It improves digestive system, beneficial for constipation and ruling out bloating totally. Garden eggs are equally rich in fibre, which helps in proper food digestion and control bowel movement, reducing constipation while improving digestion.
  3. Aids with upgrading your eye vision: The cream color flesh has a pleasantly bitter taste (due to the presence of small amounts of nicotinoid alkaloids) and spongy consistency for protection from poor vision due to glaucoma
  4. Good for pregnant women: Garden eggs are packed with minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that improve health during pregnancy. These properties protect both mom and child, ensuring a healthy pregnancy.
  5. Aids in keeping your liver healthy: Studies have shown that the importance of garden egg to the liver cannot be overemphasized because the antioxidants in garden egg help protect the liver from certain toxins; thereby making it a remedy for liver issues.
Some side effects of over eating egg plant;
  • In as much as garden eggs are good, they can equally be dangerous in a case where you are suffering from stomach upset or gastritis, it is prohibited for you to take eggplant.
  • Cellulose, which eggplants contain, can cause exacerbation of gastritis, bowel disorder, aggravation of peptic ulcer.
  • Also, patients with diabetes should consider that eggplant is a product with low carbohydrate and caloric content, so the eggplant diet can provoke hypoglycemia.

Eggplant is a very wholesome vegetable. If it is cooked properly, it can have a very positive effect on the body. Thanks to the beneficial composition of eggplant, it is good for a person to eat one or two in a while. In order to avoid any side effects, it is advisable stop frying eggplants in oil. In other cases, it can cure and improve your health! Also, eggplant can be eaten raw. It all depends on how you like to eat it.