To begin with, Soursop also known as graviola, is a green prickly fruit with a creamy texture. This fruit also has a strong flavor that can be compared to pineapple or strawberry.

Typically eaten raw by cutting the fruit in half and scooping out the flesh.

Not known to many, Soursop has some surprising health benefits like, relieving inflammation, suppressing cancer, boosting immunity, and promoting health of stomach and digestive tract.

7 Health Benefits of Soursop;

1. Soursop Can Kill Cancer

The most prominent health effect of Soursop, is the effect it has on cancer.

Soursop has the ability to kill cancer cells. This fruits leaf’s have been tested and research has shown that the leaf’s can equally efficiently suppress up to 80% of cancer cells.

Note that, Soursop may kill the cancer cells and do not cause any harm to the healthy cells in your body.

Eating Soursop every day or even three times a week will be a plus to a healthy lifestyle.

2.  It Could Reduce Inflammation

Soursop contains high anti-oxidants which can help to combat inflammation cells. One type of inflammation this fruit treats is called arthritis.

3. Can promote Stomach health

Soursop may help to reduce the effects of oxidation on your organs. Soursop also safeguards the stomach against stomach bacteria’s that cause things like stomach cancer.

Soursop, therefore reduces, stomach ulcer development.

4.  Is Good for the Eyes

Soursop contains enough anti-oxidants which may help reduce the oxidative load found in your body. This fruit contains, Vitamins A, C and E, it equally contains zinc. All these nutrients are very important for the preservation of your eyes health.

5. Soursop Helps relieve pain

People who suffer from illnesses like arthritis suffer from a lot of pain. In such a case, Soursop can help relieve the person’s pain. Eat enough Soursop when you are in pain, but remember not to exaggerate.

Soursop can not only relive inflammation, but actually decrease the pain stimuli.

6.  May Help Reduce Your Stress Load

A lot of adrenalin is produced in the body when you are under high stress. A lot of stress is not good for the health, because it can cause things like insomnia, and anxiety.

Consuming Soursop, may help relieve you from this stress and reduce anxiety.

7.  May promote Liver Health

The liver is one of the body parts which processes every waste material from the body every day. Eating Soursop will help promote your livers health. Helping it to remove waste easily.

Other health benefits Soursop
  •  helps manage Diabetes
  •  may kill intestinal Parasites
  •  helps Relieve Respiratory Tract Ailments
  • can boosts Immunity