Dealing with dry, cracked, or irritated lip skin can be a pain sometimes. But the lips are super important because they help you in talking, kissing, and eating. All of these would be without them. Some people face challenges not knowing how to handle or take care of their lips. Here are a few ways you can use to treat or keep your lips in good shape.

How to take care of your lips

1. Exfoliate once a week:

To do this, you can use a lip scrub, your toothbrush, or a washcloth and gently scrub your lips to remove flaky skin. Note that, exfoliating deals with removing dead and dry skin and this leaves you with ooth skin. Be careful not to exfoliate too often because this could irritate your lips and cause them to dry out.

2. Try not to lick your lips:

We often have the reflex of licking our lips when they feel dry but it is not advisable to do so because it can cause the lips to get dryer than they were before.  If your lips feel dry, use instead your tongue.

3. Drink water to stay hydrated:

Water is important for every part of the body with the lips included. it is said that when the inside is hydrated, the outside will equally be hydrated. Make sure you drink water very often, and it will help you avoid having dry lips.

4. Use lip products that moisturize and hydrate:

If your lips get cracked or dry a lot, then it is important to use a lip product that will help keep them moisturized always. You can use a lip balm, lip gloss, Vaseline, etc but while buying them, make sure you use quality once which won’t cause more harm than good to your lips.

5. Stay away from lip products with fragrances:

When choosing the type of lip product to use, it is important to avoid products that have fragrances and harsh chemicals, because these chemicals could irritate your skin. It is important and advisable to go in for natural products.

Your lips are very important because it is practically one of the first things someone sees when he or she gets close to you or looks at your face. You should be able to pamper them properly.