It’s tomato season. With 2500fr and sometimes lesser, you have a basket of tomatoes. Many people do not have a freezer and do not know how to optimize this unique period. Sometimes even the basket bought is full of crushed tomatoes, etc.

The tips below will be beneficial to you and you will no longer sulk your pleasure of buying more tomatoes whether they are broken or not. Don’t have a freezer for storage? No problem. Just follow these steps and build your stock of tomato paste for 1 year and more …..

1- Wash your tomatoes well with vinegar or bicarbonate in order to eliminate any chemical product. We never know.

2- Cut the tomato fruits and remove the seeds. These seeds will be thrown away because they make the tomato sour. Keep only the flesh.

3- Blend the tomatoes and bring the tomato paste, then boil until there is no more water at all. Add a little salt. In the meantime you prepare the glass bottles (not plastic), it can be your old mayonnaise bottles like what we used. Sterilize the bottles by boiling them at 100•. Dry clean with a clean cloth and set aside.

4- Once your blend it’s ready, put them inside the bottles after adding a few drops of vinegar at the bottom of the bottles (this makes storage easier and does not change the taste of the tomato). Do not completely fill the box, add a little vegetable oil of your choice, and close tightly.

At this level, the conservation can go up to 7 months but if you want to keep more then the 5th step is for you.

5- Once you put into the bottles and closed, place them in your pot with water and boil for 45 minutes …. remove them, wipe and store in your kitchen cabinet. In fact in a dry place and protected from light. Here is your tomato that you can use for years.

Optional/ For small bottles, if you do not have a large family because once the box is open you will only have about 7 days to consume it. Use a clean and dry spoon to take the amount of paste that will be used for cooking ….

So ladies here is your stock of tomato paste …. your cooking will be easier and faster. Be Rest assured the taste does not change. You can add diced tomatoes to this paste when cooking …

Enjoy your meals…