One cause of bad body smell is dirty armpits and this is a problem that many people are facing in our society today. To begin with, many people shy away from cutting off the grown hair found in the underarm and so when you have hair and you sweat again, rest assured that the smell from that part of the body won’t be the best. Equally having a bad-looking and smelly underarm can be very uncomfortable for people especially women which makes you not want to put on some kind of clothes.

We have a solution to this problem and if you are looking to keep your underarms fresh and clean, simply follow the few simple steps we have stated above and build in you that self-confidence you never had because of this problem.

How to properly take care of your armpit/underarms

1. Shave the hair that grows under your armpit

In other to shave your armpit, there are different ways you can use to do so. Firstly, you can shave using what we call a shaving stick (electric razor, a non-electric razor with disposable blades, or a disposable razor.), or you use sterilized scissors to trim your hair or you use shaving cream to shave yours under the arm. You can decide to use what is best for you. Note that when applying the shaving cream, you need to use unscented cream and make sure you follow the instructions given on the pack so that you do not irritate your skin.

2. If you want a longer duration wax yourself

When you shave using the first options on the first point, you will realize that the hair grows faster but if you want the duration of your cleaning to last longer, you can go in for waxing, but note that waxing hurts a lot and can leave your skin irritated for some time.

3. Stay away from foods that can make your sweat smell:

One cause of body odor or bad smell is accumulated sweat they are certain things that when you eat make your sweat smell very bad and so it is advisable to avoid eating such things. Note that, foods with strong scents like garlic, and onions, can cause your sweat to smell. So try as much as possible not to take it in excess.

4. Bath regularly

As stated above one thing that causes your armpit to be unkept is the smell that comes from there and when you sweat the smell becomes worst. It is therefore advisable to bathe regularly at least 2 times a day to get rid of this sticky sweat on your body and armpit.

In case you have been having challenges with your armpit, make use of these basic tips at home and thank me later.