Most at times we can stay for days, weeks, months and even years without cleaning our navel (belly button). This is because it is a body part that is easy to forget. It should be noted that, the navel is the spot where your umbilical cord was attached when you were in your mother’s womb.

Given that we forget to clean this particular part of our body, the navel is a sure breeding ground for dirt, sweat, and over 60 different types of bacteria’s.

There are some people whose navels are inside while some people’s navels are outside. So how to clean your navel depends on the type of navel you have. …………..Read Simple and easy ways to clean your nose

How to clean the inner belly button;
  1. Use alcohol and cotton.
  2. All you have to do is, put some alcohol on the cotton you have then rub the cotton inside your navel hole. If it gets dirty then throw it away and use a different cotton. Note that, you do not have to insert the cotton right inside your navel because it can cause it to hurt.
  3. When you clean the surface in your navel, the next thing to do is, use a clean cotton deep it in water and then clean your navel with it so that it cleans away the alcohol from your navel.
  4. After this simply dry the navel with a clean dry cloth.
  5. Note that it is not good for your rubbing oil to go into your navel so be careful not to insert it into your navel so that you avoid infections.
How to clean your outer bellybutton
  1. Given that with the outer navel is easy to access, it is also easy to clean it.
  2. All you need to do is wash your navel when you bath. For the outer navel you can not forget to wash it because it is easy to access. So, after washing your navel, use a dry cloth and clean it up.
  3. For the outer navel you can rub oil on it, it will not cause any infections.

It is good to note that, some people prefer to use cotton bud to clean their navel, it is not a bad idea but you should be careful not to insert it right inside your navel. Also, do not clean your navel every blessed day because it is not advisable. If you realize you have pains around or in your navel, then it is important to visit a doctor for proper checkup because it might be an infection.