To begin, compared to other piercing that people do on other parts of their body, ear piercing is practically the most common, especially for females and it can be done in the infant, childhood, teen, or adult stage. When you have just had your ear pierced, it is important to take care of that hole or piercing very well to avoid things like infections. First things first, it is good to know that, piercings are small wounds that will probably have to take some time to heal and so an aftercare routine will be very good for your ear’s health. RELATED: How To Properly & Healthily Clean Your Ears

How to properly clean your ear piercing

One of the first ways to start your ear health routine after a piercing is to practice good hygiene. Given that you have a wound, it is good to make sure you wash your hands thoroughly with warm water if possible before touching your earring or wounds.

Also, ear piercing wounds take like 6 weeks to get healthy properly so you should avoid removing the earing that has been placed there till the wound has healed, you can touch them only when you want to clean your wound.

Furthermore, you need to clean your piercing two to three times a week, and you can do this using either saline or salt-based solution, anti-bacterial soap, or an ear piercing solution. To apply this to your ear, you can use cotton and make sure when cleaning you remove any crust or dried blood.

After cleaning, apply an ointment like Vaseline Original Healing Petroleum Jelly on your wound so that it will help seal in growth factors that assist in rapid wound healing.

In continuation, when you have just pierced your ear, do not cause the earing to come in touch too tight to your earlobe, because if it is too tight, it can cause the wound to take a longer time to heal since it will not be having enough air on it.

Note that, when cleaning your ear piercing, it is advisable to stay away from products like hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, or anything drying because it can cause cracks in the skin, and also delay the healing process.