Breast cancer is practically becoming very popular in the world today, affecting both old and young people. Back in the day, awareness about breast cancer was very little and there was practically no cure for it then. But today, there is a lot of awareness about breast cancer everywhere and how it can be prevented or handled, but it baffles me how people still ignore these things.

Tips for breast cancer prevention;

1. Avoid smoking

it’s not a new or surprising thing that smoking is very bad for the human body. When it comes to cancer, it is good to know that, smoking is one of the causes of at least 15 different cancers and breast cancer is never too late to stop and avoid smoking in case you already. For those who don’t smoke, you shouldn’t smoke so that you can keep your health intact.

2. Breastfeed if possible:

Today we see many young mothers who run away from breastfeeding their children for up to even a year because they are scared that their breasts will fall, meanwhile some do not even venture into breastfeeding. Well in case you want to fight cancer, then you should leave your child to breastfeed. Note that, women who breastfeed their babies for at least a year in total have a reduced risk of developing breast cancer later.

3. Consider taking an estrogen-blocking drug:

for someone who is above the age of 60, or someone who has a family history of breast cancer, it is good to talk with your doctor about this lineage issue so that he can better educate you on estrogen blocking.

4. Drink little or no alcohol

according to researchers taking excess alcohol is one of the causes and leads to breast cancer. Regardless of the type of alcohol you take as a woman, alcohol is alcohol. So if you must take alcohol, it is advisable to take one bottle any day you want to drink.

5. Eat healthily and avoid being overweight

the time of life when breast cancer most often occurs in a woman is mostly after menopause. That is why if you have hit menopause, it is very important to eat healthily. Being overweight or obese is another cause of breast cancer in women.

Note that, breast cancer is counted among the deadliest diseases in the world today when it comes to women, so when you have the opportunity and means to check yourself for this disease, it is very advisable to make sure you get tested. One good news is that when you are diagnosed with breast cancer early, you can easily be treated. So the earlier the better, try to rush to the hospital and check yourself.