The spleen to begin, is a small organ found inside the left rib cage, just above the stomach. The spleen is part of the immune system which helps to store and filter the blood, helping the white blood cells to fight against diseases and infections.

Functions of the Spleen;
  • The spleen helps to filter blood by simply removing waste from the body and also getting rid of old or damaged blood cells.
  • The spleen helps white blood cells to fight infections and diseases.
  • The spleen helps to maintain the level of fluids in the body.
  • In addition, the spleen also helps to store blood.

How to take care of the spleen;

1. Mind the way you eat;

To take care of your spleen, the first thing you have to do is mind how you eat. That is, make sure you eat small, slow, do not over eat, chew properly and slowly. It is recommended to do so because, eating right optimizes the body’s ability to digest food easily.

2. Eat proteins;

Proteins are very important for the spleen because it helps the spleen to digest and also absorb nutrients that are found food and fruits. When these nutrients are being absorbed, it helps give energy to the body.

3. Avoid eating excess processed food

Eating a lot of processed food and consuming a lot of alcohol is not good for the spleens health because these things make the spleens work to become very tough. With this in the system, the spleen stresses to work.

Another thing that has a huge impact on the spleen is stress. Stress is not a friend to the human body and so it is very important to avoid stress as much as you can. This is because, stress can create a vicious cycle of triggering worries and affect the spleens working mechanism.

N.B: If the spleen is missing or damaged, the body has a harder time protecting itself from bacteria and viruses which is very bad for the immune system.

When your spleen is in a bad condition until it feels enlarged or ruptured, you will experience being full when you eat even very little food, when you experienced bleeding, pains under your ribs especially when you simply just touch your ribs. When you experience any of this things, it is important to rush to the hospital and see a doctor.