5 Ways to Stop an Erection

Erections are the product of a healthy bodily function that is useful when a man wants to have sex or masturbate. But at times, men turn to get erected for no reason, which is actually not a cause for concern. Equally, some men do not know how to stop an erection, meanwhile others think that stopping an erection is just by having sexual intercourse, but this is not the case;

1. Wait calmly

When you get erected and you want to calm down, all you can do is look for a calm area, stay away from people, sit down calmly, the breath in and out slowly. Do the breathing exercise slowly and calmly. It will help calm you down.

2. Meditate

At times you find it hard to stop an erection because of your mindset. That is to say, if you want ti stop an erection, do a meditation exercise which will help turn your mind away from your arousing thoughts. In order to focus on your meditation, all you need to do is, think about something else, while thinking, breath deeply and slowly this will help you relax properly.

3. Distract your self

Your mind plays a very big role in the sexual world. That is to say, when trying to stop an erection, try as much as possible to check what’s on your mind. The first thing to do is avoid thinking about anything arousing, you can play music, read a book, take a walk etc just do anything to distract your self.

4. Take either a warm or cold bath

Another way to reduce erection is to take a bath. It all depends on you on what type of bath (warm or cold) you want to take. Bathing will help you to relax and also reduce arousal, and the warm bath most especially will help you to release urine.

5. Talk to a Doctor

N.B: Having erections several times a day is natural. However, some situations may require medical attention;

That is,

  • If a man has a long-lasting erection that goes on for more than 4 hours, he should speak to a doctor immediately
  • If you have very painful erection, it is important to see a doctor.