Having neck pain in this era in which we find our self’s is not a strange thing because of the much time we spend gazing at our phones, computers and other electronics. Having a stiff neck often develops when your muscles weaken over time from poor posture.

Note that’s, the bones, ligaments, and muscles of your neck support your head and allows free motion. Any abnormalities, inflammation, or injury can cause neck pain or stiffness. Apart from the much time spent on the computer, other causes of neck pain include, poor posture, sleeping in a bad position, or maybe you fell and injured your neck.

Some neck pain symptoms include;
  1. Having a stiff neck (you can not move your neck from one angle to another)
  2. Having sharp pain on a one particular spot
  3. Some neck pains come with headache and that’s what some people call migraines. Etc

How to handle neck pain at home;

  1. Apply Ice to the affected area; when you realize you have neck pain, get some ice and place it on your neck. Do this for as long as possible but make sure not to fall at sleep with the ice bag on your neck.
  2. Apply some heat on your neck: after the ice, some days or hours later, you can then apply some heat to your neck. That is to say deep a towel into hot water, squeeze it and then place the heated towel on your neck where you get the sharp pain. When the towel is not longer hot enough, deep it into the hot water again, squeeze and place the hot towel on your neck. With this second option, do not sleep with the hot towel on you.
  3. Keep moving your neck: when some people feel neck pain, they leave their neck in one position where they don’t feel the pain. This is not advisable because it will make the pain to grow. What you need to do is keep your neck in motion no matter the pain. While moving, do it gently don’t be harsh on your neck, it will help reduce inflammation.
  4. Gently massage your neck from time to time: from time to time, have someone help massage your neck with a pomade. This will help reduce the pain faster.
  5. Use a comfortable neck collar: this particular one is optional and you should seek medical advice before using this. Let your doctor tell you which neck collar to use, but do not use it for long because it can cause more harm than good.

N.B: if your neck pain is constant, you will have to reduce the rate at which you stress yourself, change your office chair and work table, avoid the computer for some time and rest better, check your bed if your mattress and pillow are comfortable.

When to see your doctor;

Neck pain is not a strange thing, but it becomes a problem when you have the following symptoms. If you have the following problems, it is advisable to see a doctor;

  • Fever, nausea, vomiting
  • When you have a lump in your neck
  • Swollen glands, bladder or bowel dysfunction
  • trouble swallowing or breathing