Interpersonal relationships are an extremely complicated thing, especially when you are at work. Colleagues can be both the best and the worst thing about your workplace. Good coworkers will increase your productivity and make you enjoy your work, while difficult coworkers will break your concentration and get on your nerves.

It is simply impossible to always get along well with everyone, it is likely that each of your colleagues will annoy you sooner or later, but there are those who are always irritating. Almost everyone at one point had a difficult coworker to deal with.

Here are some tips to help you deal with such people.

Don’t get into an argument

One of the most common human weaknesses is the desire to feel important and to prove superior. Don’t get into an argument over completely insignificant things. Almost every altercation will force the opposing side to even more firmly believe in the irrefutability of their claims.

Respect the opinion of others

Whether you are quarreling, angry, or contradictory, you may sometimes win. But it will be an empty victory because it will not win the favor of your opponent. It is true that you can have a right, an undeniable right, but if you get carried away by the thought of changing your colleague’s belief, rest assured that your effort will not pay off and that the outcome will be the same as if you had the wrong.

This does not mean that you should give up your opinion, but that you should listen to and respect other people’s opinions and maybe find a compromise.

If you are wrong, admit it out loud and without hesitation

Don’t be afraid to admit you were wrong. When you are sure. When you are sure you are right, try to persuade others to think more carefully.

If, however, you are wrong, which, let’s admit, often happens – make sure you admit it immediately. This behavior will make you more respected in your surroundings.

Approach the coworker as a friend

Remember you are all there for the same goal. Kind words, a friendly approach, and a sincere appreciation will soften people and make them reflect on stubborn attitudes and maybe even change them.

This may especially be helpful in communicating with hostile female coworkers.

Do not gossip around

The best solution is to avoid gossip and even listening to them. If you are with a group of colleagues and you feel a wave of gossip coming, distance yourself.

Talk to someone who can help you

If you really tried everything, talked honestly with a colleague and nothing has changed, it might be best, for you to talk to someone who can help – whether it is your boss or another coworker. It is in everyone’s interest to make the workplace and coworkers as productive and successful as possible, therefore, no one wants their results to suffer because of the distractions of a difficult coworker.

Fight for yourself the right way.