To begin with, there is no particular way to handle pubic hair, it all depends on the individual if he or she wants to shave it in a particular way or treat it in a particular way. But it is important to note that, you can either trim the hair, or wax it off completely etc. it`s all left to you.

It is not strange that at times when you shave your vagina, you get to have some uncomfortable side effects. So it is important to be armed with the right tools in order to avoid having any rashes or razor burn around your pubic area. This also involves your armpit area. RELATED: Sexual wellness: Tips to keep your vagina & Vulva Healthy

How to safely and carefully clean your vagina:

In as much as shaving is your choice, it is good to do it in clean and with good hygiene so that you avoid any skin problem.

1. Trim your hair

incase your hair is too long, it is not advisable to just dig deep to shave one time because you can end up hurting yourself. Instead use a disinfected pair of scissors and trim your vagina hair to be shorter.

2. Exfoliate your skin

when you shave, your pores are open which makes it easy for bacteria’s to come in and cause infections. To exfoliate, make sure you are using a simple product that won’t irritate your skin. Why is it important to exfoliate? This is important because, exfoliating helps remove dead skin and prevents ingrown hair.

3. Use shaving cream

if you do not want to use a razor to shave your vagina, you can use shaving cream. It is easier and less strainers but make sure you use quality shaving cream and also make sure you do not insert it into your private part. For those who have a sensitive skin, it is advisable to use shaving cream.

4. Shave completely

did you know that your pubic hair is the thickest hair on your body? Yes it is. Most people take their razor and just shave in any direction. Which is not good. When you shave, shave in the direction that your hair grows. Shave with one hand and probably hold your skin with the other hand so that you do not wound/cut your hair.

It is good to note that for ladies, the part directly around your vagina is very sensitive and so if you are shaving, it is advisable to avoid that area because it can easily get irritated. So, it is advisable to just trim that part and not shave completely.

5. Moisturize

after shaving put a good moisturizer down there so that it doesn’t get dry. If you feel you wounded yourself, you can put alcohol (spirit) on the area in other to help the wound heal fast. Also, to avoid rash, apply baby powder on the shaved area.

It is good to note that, for the ladies most especially, make sure that what every style you use you do not insert anything into your vagina especially the shaving cream because it can affect your health. Be careful with what so ever you use on your skin. If you use what we call shaving bic, it is advisable to throw it immediately after use. Wash your vagina with clean water.