These days everyone is stressed about one thing or another, from work to finances to hustles and keeping on top of our busy lives in very challenging sometimes. Many people have low self-esteem because of thing or another. Failing to meet the expectations of society can make people feel down on themselves so turning to art can give people a real creative outlet to express themselves. Art therapy is a good choice for children and adults to help them be more centered and calm. You can practice art therapy even if you aren’t too skilled.

art therapy

Art therapy can be useful for both adults and children. If you have a reckless child who always seems to have a lot of energy, then art therapy can help to calm them down and help them to become more centered. Here are some ideas for art therapy.


Coloring Pages

Adults and children alike can use coloring pages as a form of art therapy. Many stores sell coloring books with lots of pretty designs and patterns. Practicing art this way is very simple and therapeutic. You don’t need to have any real skill to use coloring books so it can make you feel calm and accomplished.



Alternatively, if you are a bit more creative and skilled, you may want to do some painting. Painting is very therapeutic as you can sit in nature and paint what you see. Getting some fresh air outdoors whilst painting can help you to stay calm and appreciate the beauty of nature. You may also choose to paint your beloved pet or family members as art therapy.



It is nice to have a good doodle every once in a while. Having an art journal or notebook where you can doodle ideas and little drawings can be very therapeutic. Doodling is a great art form and anyone can do it. It is a bit more freehand than using pre-drawn coloring pages.



You can practice art therapy by being crafty. This may include bracelet making, origami, embroidery, knitting or anything that uses your hands. It is very therapeutic to make something with your hands and be proud of the end product. You can easily pick up an arts and crafts book at the store and see what range of things you can make.


Overall, art therapy is a very good technique for calming down adults and children. You can use art to help you and it makes a fantastic therapy tool.