How do I take a break from social media?

Although there are so many benefits of using social media, it is addictive and at times hard to live without. Many people use social media for networking, entertainment or business. Therefore, the first thing people do when they work up is to check their phones for notifications. It is not wrong but people need to spend time off social medial and do other activities such as interacting and engaging in other hobbies. If you are one of those people who cannot live without social media, then below are some social media detox steps that will assist you break away from this norm

Delete social media applications in your smartphone

social media detox

One of the most practical yet effective way to break away from social media addictive is deleting social media apps on your phone. This will help you since you can only log in via your computers at home, this therefore limits the amount of time that you spend online. With time the urge to log in to your social media accounts declines and you can engage in other activities and hobbies.

Turn off notifications

Nothing increases the urge to log in your social media accounts like notifications. They trigger you to check the messages and by turning off, you are less likely to be anxious. This method has proved to be an effective social media detox, this is because you can divert your attention to other priorities. To avoid these notifications, you can also arrange your notification bar to not prioritize your favorite apps. This will ensure that temptations to check your smartphone are low.

Respond offline

Another social media detox is responding offline to notifications. For instance, you receive notification that it is your friend’s birthday. Instead of commenting on the notification, take time pick your call and call him or her to wish him or her a happy birthday. This not only helps in reducing the amount of time you spend on social media; it is more friendly and engaging.

Have social media free days

In order to have control of your life, make a schedule where you ensure that you stay off social media accounts. You can decide the entire weekend, this way you can engage in other activities such as hobbies and other lively interactions. This will also enhance your discipline and with time you will find yourself detached from your phone.

Create phone free zones

phone free zones

To help with social media detox, pick an area in your house where you sure phone use is not allowed. Spend more time in these areas and with time you will notice change on the amount of time you spend on social media.

Identify new hobbies

During your free times, instead of logging in to your social media accounts, find a new hobby that will keep you busy. this will keep you busy and at the end of the day you will be exhausted to think about your social media. This is one of the most practical and effective method of social media detox.

In conclusion, use one of the above methods of social media detox and see progress and discipline in your life. You will surely see how healthy and improved your life will be.