How to Heal Dry Hands

Having dry hands is not technically a dangerous condition but it is very common. Dry hands are caused by environmental conditions in most situations and cases. People who wash dishes frequently or live in a cold, dry climate may be more prone to experiencing painful dry hands than other people.

Causes of dry hands

  • Climate changes, especially cold weather without a lot of moisture in the air, can cause hands to dry out.
  • People with jobs that require extensive handwashing, such as nurses, doctors, or teachers, may notice dry hands.
  • People with illnesses such as diabetes or lupus may have lowered blood circulation to the hands which causes their hands to get irritated and dry at times

Here are Some Home remedies for dry hands

1. Moisturize your hand frequently

Lotions and creams help restore moisture on the hands. use a moisturizing cream on their hands after every wash to help restore the natural moisture to the skin.

2. Wear gloves

Gloves help prevent water from depriving your skin of its natural oils. In case your hands are frequently in water, doing things like washing dishes and washing dresses, it is advisable to consider wearing a pair of gloves.

3. Consider medication

medications may be necessary to allow your skin a chance to heal. In case you have chronic dry skin, it is important to see a doctor who will prescribe the necessary drugs you will need to

4. Try overnight treatments

when you have extremely dry hands you may want to try to treat them overnight. That is, apply a lot of moisturizer on your hands, then wrap socks, gloves, or mittens over the hands. This will help keep the moisturizer in touch with the skin, so it is absorbed overnight.

In case you suffer from dry hands, make sure you try any of these four treatments and you will feel much more different. In case it’s not working, visit a hospital for a test and a proper checkup.