Home remedies to ease the cough

Life is stressful and uncomfortable when the baby is sick with a cough. With a cold, the baby may have trouble relaxing and getting the rest they need to feel better. It can be scary waking up in the middle of the night to hear your baby breathing uneasily, so it is good to know some home remedies to ease this cold; Here are some simple home remedies for cough 

To begin, when you have a baby, it is good to have a kit that contains items like saline and a bulb syringe.

1. Make use of fluids (push fluids)

When the baby has a cold, it is good to make sure the baby is hydrated. For smaller babies stick to milk. For baby’s who can drink water, give them water to stay hydrated. This is because, Keeping the baby hydrated will help keep their mucus flowing and will also help them cough easily.

Note that, if the baby is dehydrated, their snot and other secretions may dry up and be difficult to clear away with coughing.

2. Use saline water

Babies do not love the sensation of the drops going into their nose. It is good to note that the mucus in the child’s nose when he or she has a cold, can travel down the back of their nose and throat to cause postnasal drip. This irritates the throat and produces a wet, barky cough and rattling noise in the upper airway (not chest). Therefore, to avoid this, use saline water and flush the babies’ nostrils with it. You can do these two to three times a day.

3. Use the suction method

You can also try sucking the mucus out of your baby’s nose before it has a chance to reach and irritate their throat and airway.

4. Offer the baby honey

For babies 12 months or older, one-half to one teaspoon of honey is needed. Note that honey is not very good for children so be careful not to give it in excess. Give the child honey before bedtime or naps, it will coat the baby’s throat to relieve him or her from soreness.

Note that, when the child’s cough stays for a very long period of time, it is good to see a doctor. Also if the child is coughing very hard, it is good to see the doctor. If your new born baby starts coughing then see the doctor.