Hillary Clinton expressed concerns as to whether free and fair elections were even possible due to the fact that Facebook failed to fact check political advertising.

In New York during a screening of The Great Hack, a Netflix documentary about the Cambridge Analytical scandal, Hillary Clinton duel on the threat to upcoming elections in both the US and UK as she condemned Facebook’s decision to allow politicians to lie in advertisements posted on its sites. She said it was inevitable that false information on Facebook would have an impact on US elections “because of propaganda works”. She added that, “and we are getting warning signals all the time about what is happening right now and how it is likely to affect our next election’.  She went further to say that “If I were of a conspiratorial mindset,

Mark Zuckerberg

I might suggest that there seems to be some connection.”Clinton said she believed we were seeing “a war on truth” in which the “manipulation of information” served to further the interests of a set of “incredibly wealthy people who believe they can do whatever they want to do”. She also drew attention to the connections between Brexit and the Trump campaign that she said she had not been aware of at the time. She had been “somewhat taken aback” by the Brexit result, she said, but “I didn’t, at that time, see the direct connection.

I didn’t know about all the involvement of the same players in Brexit, the same players in our election Clinton described how, when the first reports started coming in of Russian involvement, her team had tried to raise the issue but it had been impossible to get anyone to take it seriously.

“When the Russians started dumping emails out around our convention and my campaign went out and tried to talk about that on television they were basically laughed at. It was like: ‘Oh yeah, right, now she’s going to blame the Russians.’”  She pointed out that it had been proved that the Russian government, as well as stealing emails, had also stolen her campaign’s voter data. “And then you find out that Paul Manafort is giving polling data to a Russian who has obvious ties with Russian intelligence. This situation she says only works in favor of the 2020 Trump campaign.