If you are an athlete or just love exercising, and you mainly exercise outdoors you may encounter varying temperatures, weather, and the harmful rays of the sun. After having all these bad weather or sun effects on your body, it is important to take care of and pamper your skin so that it doesn’t get damaged. If you don’t take care of your skin after exercising, it could lead to acne, eczema, body odor, rashes, and other skin-related problems.

Best Skincare Routine for women who exercise

1. Avoid Touching your face

When you do sport, your pores become open and you can easily get infected. When doing sports or exercising, it is advisable to avoid touching your face with your hands, because firstly you might touch something that is infected, and you touching your face can help ease that  spread easily given that your pores are open.

2. Stay Hydrated

Try to drink enough water depending on the intensity of your workout and the overall temperature where you completed your training. Drinking water and staying hydrated are very important for the body and even when you work out. When you exercise, you drain yourself and get dehydrated. For your skin, make sure to drink water.

3. Clean up before and after you exercise

Don’t ever make the mistake of not removing makeup before you exercise. This is because make-up is a breeding ground for breakouts and your skin will not be able to breathe below the layer of the products. After exercising, make sure you rapidly cleanse your face. Make sure 5 minutes should not elapse to prevent the sweat from settling onto your face

Note that, if you do not wash up after exercising, you can have accumulated sweat which can result in things like eczema and body odor.

4. Moisturize your skin

Once you have cleaned up and your skin is back to its normal temperature and no longer looks red or flushed, you must not scrub your face/body

Exercising is enough to boost and eliminate the need to use harsh scrubbing to exfoliate. The skin is most and very vulnerable after exercising/working out, and scrubbing your face could lead to inflammation and redness. It is better and much preferable to use gentle cleansing soap and a soft towel to refresh and wash your skin.

Exercising is very important for your skin and body but you also need to make sure you are taking care of it before and after to avoid breakouts or skin damage.