Here are healthy natural home remedies for constipation:

we are going to be talking about some Healthy natural home remedies may help to ease your symptoms. Constipation is a very common condition that causes discomfort. That is, this occurs when, your bowels won’t move waste out of your intestines, thereby causing intense pressure and making you feel frustrated and desperate because you desire relief.

Ripe Papaya with seeds

Some of the things that cause people to get constipated is, the type of foods they eat, their lifestyle choices, the type of medications they take, and probably the type of illness they have.

How do you know you are constipated?

  1. When you have hard, dry, or lumpy stools
  2. When you experience difficulty or pain when passing stools
  3. When you stool but feel you are not done
  4. When you experience a blotted stomach

If you are suffering from constipation or knows someone who does, then this will be of help them have natural relief from the comfort of their homes.

Here are 7 Healthy natural home remedies for constipation

Drink more water to ease constipation

Make water your friend because regular dehydration can cause constipation. Therefore, in other to prevent yourself from being constipated, drinking enough water is very essential. To prevent this, it is important to drink enough water and stay hydrated

While constipated, avoid carbonated drinks such as sugary soda because they can make constipation worse

Take herbal laxative like Senna

Why herbal Laxatives’ like Senna

Senna is an effective herbal laxative that helps treat constipation. That is, it contains plant compounds called glycosides. This compound or nutrient, stimulates the nerves in the gut and help speed movements up in the bowel.

If you have any allergy’s, so it is not good to take such without the approval of the doctors.

Drink caffeinated coffee

Depending on some systems, some people frequently rush to the bathroom when they take coffee. This is because coffee stimulates the muscles in the digestive system. Caffeine also stimulates the gut to help you release fast and ease constipation

Also, Coffee contains little soluble fibers that help prevent constipation.

Eat ginger

Ginger helps to reduce the pressure on your lower intestines, which will help you have a bowel movement when you’re constipated.

Add Prebiotic foods to your diet

That is, to prevent constipation, increase your consumption of garlic, onions, bananas, leeks

Eat enough fruits/vegetables

When you realize you are constipated, it is important to consume fruits like pawpaw/papaya and also eat vegetables. They help release your stomach and make you feel less blotted and constipation

Drink lemon water or warm water first thing in the morning

Drinking any of these first in the morning will actually help relax your stomach for the rest of the day. For gastric patients you can take warm water and not lemon water.

Consult your doctor if condition gets worse.